How to accelerate marketing and product development with consumer insights

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No need to outsource! Tasks you can easily do yourself

How to implement the observation method in-house

How to implement the in-depth interview method in-house

Survey/Poll: Learn to write great questionnaires

Survey participants: where and how to find them

Outsourcing made easy: How to work with external suppliers/agencies
A simple guide on how to search for new product ideas

Validate and test your product ideas. Concept tests

How to develop punchy product and packaging claims and test them with consumers

Critical measures in evaluating your creatives and ads

How to find the optimal price for your product
Design Thinking Guide. 6 simple steps for ideation, facilitation and testing

Customer Development and Market Research

LEAN: maximize customer value while minimizing waste

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)

Jobs To Be Done (JTBD): create and sell products that people will buy

(R)ICE prioritization model
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